Redefining Words

When it comes to the everyday language, even simple words can have a double meaning. After reading Night, by Elie Wiesel, commons words that I would normally say have a completely different meaning for the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust and the concentration camps. One word I found to be really significant is the word tattoo. We take it for granted- people get tattoos as a meaning of art, remembrance, or their own personal enjoyment. It has a way different meaning to the Jewish people who had numbers tattooed into their arms. When they think of or hear the word tattoo, they think of the code they were given to be identified in the camps. Their name, personality, and uniqueness were no longer represented by who they were and what their name was, but what number they had tattooed on them. In writing, words cannot even compare or adequately describe what the Jews lived through. Words we use everyday are symbolic representations of what innocent people suffered through for years.


1)      After doing the student showcase, there are several questions I have to answer. The first question I have to answer is whether or not I was prepared. I was prepared going into the interview, I had all my answers already written out, my work examples ready, and my goals ready. We had class time to prepare our goals, ways we could achieve our goals, and what we could do to improve. I answered these questions and provided my evidence for them.


2)      The second question I was asked was whether or not I enjoyed the actual writing process, and I did not enjoy the interview. I do not like showing people those goals, because they are personal and my parents already know what my goal is. I don’t think the interview helped, because I always work hard in school, and it did nothing for me. If I was concerned about my schoolwork I would have a meeting with my parents and teachers. I didn’t like the setup of the interview and I don’t like how we had to present it.


3)      The third question is what I would like to see for next year’s student showcase, and for next year I think they should change the set up. The interview has to be something older students enjoy as well. I find this setup is more geared towards younger kids that are showing to their parents what they do in school and how they learn. Once students are in high school I am pretty sure they have figured out how they learn and study, doing this interview I don’t think will help. They need to find a new way to inform the parents how the kids are doing in school.

Connecting to Yourself A1


Determined- When it comes to my schoolwork, my sports, my marks, my goals, and anything I care about I am very determined. I want to succeed and I feel that the only way you can truly succeed is by being determined and working hard for what you want. I use my determination and my hard work ethic to push and strive for what i really want to be successful. I think I am so determined because I want to do something great with my life when I’m older, and by achieving that I have to be determined and a hard worker.

Intelligent- I think I am intelligent, in many different areas. It doesn’t have to mean you’re good at school to be intelligent. I think the areas you can excel in are the areas that make you intelligent. I have a lot of knowledge in ares that I love- swimming, teaching swimming lessons, school, sports, photography- things that I enjoy. Because I love these things, I am intelligent in these areas. I push myself in these sections of my life and allow myself to take in more knowledge to become more intelligent.

Bossy- I’ll admit that I think I am really bossy. I like being the head person or leader and giving out orders. The reason I like doing this is because I feel like everything is organized and in control; nothing is going to go wrong or be a complete mess. That’s a factor in my swimming lessons, I have to be bossy in order for the kids to behave and learn the correct forms and strokes. I don’t think I’m bossy enough to annoy people or have them despise being with me, but I’m definitely not passive and I don’t let people push me around in certain areas.

Close minded- I’m the type of person that is scared of change. When things get to a specific way I like them to stay that way, because I get scared. I’m terrified to be on my own next year and go to University, but it’s change that I’ll have to live with. When I get in a structured routine, I like doing it the same way every time, without change, because I know what to expect, how to do it, and what the results are going to be. I like being in the know and not surprised.

Classy- This one is hard to explain, but I think I’m classy because of how I was raised and how I grew up. I’m not classy in the rich people, ball gown sort of way. I don’t like it when people dress inappropriately or act rude and obnoxious, I like when people are polite, respectful, and dress properly and appropriately. It seems weird but I think it established differences between individuals and I like seeming professional like. Being dressed fancy or professionally I think looks good on a person. I like having conversations with people that are polite, thoughtful, insightful, and respectful, while looking like they take care of themselves. That’s a major reason I like dressing nicely and try to be respectful to people. I was raised classy.

Loud- Around people that I am comfortable with and that I know very well, I can be a really loud person. I’m not quiet by any means. I’m not loud in the obnoxious or rude way, but I just talk loudly. For example when I’m on the basketball court or volleyball court, I’m constantly talking, loudly, about plays, screens, passes, or calling for the ball. I do it because it goes back to my determination where I try my best in everything; I talk loudly to tell my teammates what’s going on on the court and trying to keep everything run smoothly.

Shy- I’m a really shy person. It takes a long time for me to get comfortable around someone to really be myself. I’ve always been shy and I probably always will be. I don’t like opening up to people right away or showing people my true personality, because I get scared that people aren’t going to like me or they’re gonna make fun of me. So in a result of that I come off as really shy. Meeting new people is hard, or going to courses or new teams is challenging, because of my shyness.

Lazy- This one is contradicting with my determined statement, because I can also be really lazy. After a really long day at school, being at a tournament, doing homework, or even if I have a bad day, I like to relax and do absolutely nothing. Sometimes that turns into me laying on my bed or the couch for hours watching tv or napping. I feel like every once in a while I need to just take a few hours for myself and not worry about or do anything. This turns into me being lazy and not wanting to do anything. There has been days where I’ve laid on the couch all day and accomplished absolutely nothing.

Protective- It seems weird thinking that I’m protective, but I know that I am very protective. When it comes to people that I really care about I feel really protective. The people that I love very much or are very close to me mean a lot to me and I would never want to see them get hurt. If someone is making fun of the people I care about, or if they’re threatening and hurting them some way, I will be offended and will try to stick up for them. I don’t like seeing the people I care about in pain or hurting and I feel like I’m protective of them.

Insecure- I have to be so insecure. I feel like I can come off really confident sometimes, but I’ll be honest that deep down I am very insecure. I’m never confident in anything and that’s something that I need to work on. I have a hard time making decisions because I don’t want people to judge me, which is something else that makes me insecure, because I never do anything for me. I need to learn to be confident and positive about my decisions, because my insecurity will bring me down and I don’t want that.


Athletic- Many people describe me as being athletic. I have never considered myself as athletic, but more as a person who is involved in a lot of sports. I guess it makes senses, because I am involved in a lot of sports and I’m constantly competitive. I force myself to push beyond my limits and I compete at good athletic levels I think. Playing jr huskies, club volleyball, winning the summer games in softball. It makes sense that people consider me as athletic and I understand why now.

Smart- Another characteristic people describe me as is smart. Even though I’m constantly pushing myself to do better in every subject I study it doesn’t seem good enough to me. I am in the honour roll each year in every one of my classes and I always study to get good marks. People look to me for explanations or ask me questions to help them learn something. My one friend told me one time she passed math because of me helping her when she needed it. That made me feel pretty smart, proud of myself, and I felt like a good friend. I always have had good grades and learning wasn’t too difficult for me, so I can see why people consider me smart.

Tall- This is something I have heard since I was little, “oh look at how tall you are!” I’ll never hear the end of it, because I’m five foot ten. I was five foot ten by grade ten and everyone always commented on how tall I was, and asked whether I played volleyball and basketball. I do and I definitely have a height advantage in some games. Always playing jr I was the tallest girl on the team and now in sr I am the tallest on the team still. I like being tall because I can pull off certain clothes, I have an advantage in sports, but I definitely hate being in public. People,always stare at me like I’m a mutation, it’s like yes, I am tall, get over it. I guess that comes with being tall though.

Fun- All of my friends think I am fun to be around and I’m glad they think that. I like going out and being adventurous with my friends and experiencing new activities. I don’t like being a boring person and sitting around doing nothing. When I went to Mexico and the Dominican Republic I experienced and tried new adventurous activities. I got to try zip lining, parasailing, swimming in the ocean, and swimming in the caves. I like hanging out with my friends and doing good games or activities with my friends that they enjoy too and they we all think is fun. I definitely don’t think I’m a boring person, fun I think is a good word to describe me.

Leader- I hear many people that say I am leader in many aspects. I am told that I am a leader on and off the court and that people always look up to me. It’s self esteem boosting when people tell you that many look up to you. I participate in many sports and have been named team captain in my sr years as a player. I have three younger siblings and I guess I have always taken on the role as trying to be a leader and let my little brother and sisters look up to me. I wanted to be a good role model for my siblings, kids I teach, and my teammates on and off the court.

Quiet- The people that first meet me, or the people that don’t know me very we’ll assume that I’m quiet. And around them I am quiet, because I don’t know the people very well, I’m insecure, and I don’t want to make a fool of myself and say something wrong. For all of the people that don’t know me very we’ll and that I am not comfortable around I am quiet. I don’t like being centre of attention or being the loud person in a group, so there’s another reason that I am quiet. It’s just how I am and my natural instincts.

Nerd- I constantly hear this phrase from several of my classmates. They say I am a nerd because I do good in school, do my homework, and do well on tests. I’m alright with being called a nerd, because I’d rather be known as that than a slacker or a person who isn’t smart and doesn’t try or excel in anything. I cans we why people call me nerds, because I try hard in school, and I study. I never hand in any assignments late, and I always finish my homework. I’m alright with being considered a nerd.

Responsible- I have heard many people tell me I am responsible and I understand why. I am the oldest child of four and I have had to help take care of them from a really young age. I guess with being the oldest there’s always that responsibility of helping out more around the house, looking after your younger siblings, and having more on my shoulders. I am very responsible when it comes to school and my homework, I babysit and have been told I am great with the kids, and I follow the rules and do what I’m allowed to do. That is why I understand why people think I am responsible.

Motivated- When it comes to my schoolwork and my sports I believe that I am really motivated. I work hard to excel and push myself further in everything I do. I have been told that with my motivation and determination that I will be able to go far and do things with my life. I’m really proud of that and I hope that my motivation does push me far in life and is the reason that I accomplish great things. Without my motivation I don’t think I would have the goals I do, or the push to strive in my life.

Confident- I asked my mom one time to describe my personality in one word and she said confident. I’ve never really understood why I come across as confident, but I guess I do. I think it is because my personality seems to show that I am confident. It might be because always seem sure about the choices I make, the plays I make on the court, or the effort and work I put into my schoolwork. I like knowing people think I am confident, because I always find that people who show confidence are people that I admire.

After completing this task, I have come to the conclusion that I did not like this. I am not the type of person that likes describing characteristics about myself. It was very challenging having to come up with the words that I thought described myself, or my internal characteristics. On the other hand, I found it a little bit easier doing the external characteristics, because I just thought about the qualities that other people always say about me. When it comes to complimenting yourself or even criticizing yourself, it’s a difficult task, because people don’t like hearing negative things about themselves, and some people can get embarrassed by the compliments. I know that I am one of those people that get embarrassed when I hear people compliment me. This assignment was good, though, because it lets people recognize their true characteristics, and let’s them get to know themselves personally. It sounds kind of weird, but it was a good way to connect with my inner self and true identity.

My Shoe Story

Everyone has their own story and each story can be represented by something that defines that person. In this situation, shoes are what define me and my personality. The shoes I chose are athletic shoes, this could be any kind of athletic shoe- cleats, basketball shoes, volleyball shoes. Any one of those shoes can define me. They say exactly who I am; they represent that I am involved in sports, I am a team member and and team player, I am a hard worker, and I am determined. These shoes don’t show much, but they can represent a whole lot. The reason I chose these shoes was because I am involved in so many athletic activities, and I love playing sports. Plus they’re the comfiest shoes ever. If I consider whether or not this shoe could be a popular choice or whether it is unique to just me, I think it could be both. To people that love sports it could be similar, but to others that don’t it wouldn’t be similar. It is unique to me, though, for the reasons it defines me. I think everyone will have their own shoe and whether or not it is the same doesn’t matter, because it’s what is inside the shoe that matters.

B15 Assess and Reflect

I think using modern day music, like these First Nations have, is a great way to inform youth and people out of the know about issues that are affecting First Nations. It is a good way to connect to aboriginal youth and teach them about their ancestors culture and their present day culture, if they are choosing to stay connected to it. They have embraced this as a way of voicing out their opinions and their concerns to people in the public and to other members of the culture and ethnicity. I think using the media is a way of using modern day technology to stay connected to the culture and to keep people connected to each other. In the past they didn’t have the technology that we have today, and they had to stay connected through taking action without communicating to people through the ways we do today. When I listened to “The Tree” I thought it was a really inspirational way to reach out to kids and warn them of the gang and violence related activity out there. The modernized techniques will connect to kids and people that grew up around the technology we have today, and the media that will have influenced them back into their culture hopefully. Older aged people will be connected to their culture in their old methods, not the new modernized methods people use to influence the younger generation.

B17 Assess and Reflect

For the first part of the novel we read, we did not have the novels directly in front of us; instead we using a google doc where we were actively placing comments and phrases in the text below us and sharing our thoughts with our classmates. I liked this method, because I could write my thoughts down immediately, but I did not like the fact that I didn’t have a book in front of me. I was more alert to things in the reading, using this method, because I was focused on deeper meanings behind the text, and finding quotes and phrases that I really liked. After I would write down something interesting to me, or something that stood out to me, there were a couple of times where other students had the same reaction or had noticed the same thing. I thought it was neat that they could comment and tell me that they had the same reaction as I did. When I did write something down, I found that I wrote down phrases or actions that really stood out to me. They were attention grabbing statements that usually had very deep meaning or a little bit of mystery behind them. I found that the action-full parts of the book were what I was commenting on the most and giving my personal insight and reflection on the action. If I were to read another novel in school and have the option I might do this again, because I felt like it was interactive learning and I could gain a better understanding of certain parts of the book by having insight from others. But if I were to read a book on my own I would not use this method, because I would prefer to relax and just read, not worry about what other people comment or what the first thing that comes to my head is when I read a certain area. After using this technique, I don’t think I use reading strategies any differently. My reading is the same and I am still using the same strategies to read as I used before.

Winter Olympic Dream

Having a dream come true, and being able to be in the Winter Olympics would be amazing. If I could have the chance to be in any Winter Olympic event, I would participate in hockey. There are several reasons why I would be a hockey player and they are all good reasons. The first reason I would play hockey is because I grew up playing the game, in my elementary years, and I liked it a lot. I loved playing games, playing street hockey, and playing pick up games at the rink. As well, I would choose to be an Olympic hockey player, because of the intensity and rush of the sport. Everything on the ice is amazing- skating on the freshly cleaned ice, scoring the game tying goal, and rushing to quick stops back and forth while adrenaline is helping your body push itself up and down the ice. There’s so many reasons why I would be a hockey player in the Winter Olympics and the final reason why I would choose this sport is, because of the love of the game that my country and I, myself, have for it. I love the game to death and so does the country I come from; the amount of support and fans cheering for the teams representing our nation is all overwhelming, but in a good way. If I was able to pick that one event, it would definitely be hockey for so many great reasons.

Descriptive Writing Extension

Gil lied there for hours, the hot sun eating away at his aging body. The young colt had stopped staring and went back to grazing along the moulded fence posts. It was mid afternoon and Ronald has noticed his father had not been outside yet, or tended to any of his chores that we’re piling up on one another. Ronald was becoming concerned about his father and figured he knew exactly where he would find him. Ronald’s fence posts had been needing fixed for quite some time now and decided that would be the best place to look. Ronald rode down to the field on his horse and admired the view of the trees and fns wild flowers growing in the field. Soon it would all be gone from the destructive machines he hired to work the the land. It was a pitiful shame, but he quickly got over it. He approached the fence posts and noticed they had been started on, and he quickly saw the lone colt standing in the middle of the pasture, right next to something laying on the ground. Ronald’s eyes went wide and raced over to the motionless lump on the ground. He stumbled onto the ground next to his beaten up and battered father who was laying in his own blood. His clothes were torn and shaggy, with grass and dirt stains all over them, and the dried blood all over his face and arms was sickening to look at. Ronald’s shaky fingers crawled over his dad’s cold body and up to his neck to check for a pulse. Nothing. Trembling and scared Ronald screamed for help, but no one was anywhere in sight to have heard the young man call for help to save his dead father. Tears streaming down his face he tried to stop the bleeding by tearing off the sleeves of his own shirt and using them as bandages. He them immediately tried CPR, but exhaustion and the beaming heat forced Ronald to stop. There was no hope, Ronald knew his father had died, because he had been trying to help his son and had wanted to deter him from wrecking the one thing that brought him peace in his life. His farm and his beautiful land.

B13 Assess and Reflect

There are several editing processes that you can go through to check over your work and evaluate it to gain a higher mark. One process I did for the multimedia poetry assignment was to record the poem several times to hear the improvement as I gained a better understanding of the poem. The first recording of them poem I did is significantly different than my last recording of them poem. My emotions are much stronger and my annunciating is much clearer, the more I recorded the poem the better it became. I would do an editing process like this again to see the improvement throughout each step in my work. It only took a few minutes to record the poem each time, so really it’s not that much of a time consuming editing process. It is quite easy to take a few minutes to ensure that I am doing the best quality work that I can produce. With an editing process like this, it only takes a few minutes, it’s fast, it shows you the improvement along each recording or step you take, and allows you to recognize where you need to make changes in your work.


How do You Decide How Someone Should Go?


Finding a way to keep someone you love, so much, happy is a worthwhile challenge, but sometimes losing your loved one is at stake. Many people suffering from a killing disease or that are physically disabled want the legalization of assisted suicide, to gain help from someone, to let themselves go peacefully. There are several downfalls of allowing assisted suicide, but allowing it, with specialized restrictions, would help a lot of suffering individuals. It is a huge controversial issue, but legalization of the concept would allow suffering individuals to get out of their pain.

            Citizens would have many questioning concerns if assisted suicide was allowed. A point several people bring up is vulnerable groups especially need to be protected from being coaxed into committing suicide or easily persuaded into suicide. Specific groups- like people who are depressed, being bullied, or having troubles- need to be protected from being manipulated. They will already be down and focused on finding the easiest way out- which might be suicide for them. Another reason assisted suicide should stay illegal, is so troubled people do not take advantage of the law. People who do not want to be here anymore would use this to their advantage as a way to escape; people that are not suffering or that are not in constant pain, from health issues, would use this to try and solve their problems, but by the time help gets there, it might be too late.

            Seeing loved ones suffer in excruciating amounts of pain, for long periods of time, is heartbreaking; many have suggested assisted suicide is the best way to end that. Physically disabled people in constant pain often challenge the law in making exceptions for them to end their lives peacefully. Before the killing disease takes their body over, they want to die as who they are and how people should remember them- not as a bed ridden or disabled person. Individuals have the right to die and the only thing these individuals want is to pass away as who they truly are. Being in constant physical and emotional pain pushes these people to fight for assisted suicide. Most of the time the individual cannot control their body, because the disease has taken over and now controls their body. End their suffering and let them get the medical assistance to help let them go peacefully, if that is what they want. They will be much happier relieving themselves peacefully and family will be relieved to know they no longer have to suffer.    

            Quite a few suffering individuals have pushed the courts to allow them to end their lives, with help, peacefully, but it is rare for anyone to succeed. One significant individual, Sue Rodriguez, suffered from A.L.S. – a disease destroying the nervous system and muscle control- causing the individual to suffer extreme amounts of pain and weakness. She took her case to the Supreme Court, because she wanted her right to die- before she could no longer function. After a lengthy case, she lost five votes to four. Individuals should have the right to die as who they are and with their dignity. Not one person wants to be remembered as the weak one who could no longer help themselves. Many cannot physically take their own life, in these cases, because they are too weak to do so- the request of assisted suicide has become large, but sadly the requests are almost always denied. By allowing assisted suicide for special cases like this, many suffering individuals will go happy, how they want to, and their constant pain will be gone.

            No matter how a situation or debatable topic is looked at, there will always be positive and negative sides. Although many push for keeping assisted suicide illegal, they are not the ones who have to go through the suffering. Even with the negative aspects, the positive aspects influence the choice for allowing assisted suicide in special cases where an individual wants to be let go. This law could always be protected with set special restrictions, while helping people in need, but no matter what something has to be done, because people are going to keep fighting and pushing the issue. Legalizing assisted suicide for those in constant pain and having physical troubles would mean the world to those suffering, and although mostly sadness would occur in the family, happiness would be brought to them as well as knowing their loved one is at peace.